About BCBC

Our Philosophy

Our guiding principle is reflected in our motto: "Shepherding the flock of God to win, build and send." Every ministry within the body or outreach into the community is driven by this principle. We desire to be a church that goes out into the community with the purpose of reaching the lost. We then want to provide an environment through the various ministries of building them up in their faith so that they in turn can be sent out to reach those in their sphere of influence.

Our Focus

At Brice's Creek Bible Church we want to lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ that allows them to grow and be all that God has created them to be. We have a passion to see faith lived out in daily lives in truly authentic ways that impact practically and beneficially on one's family, friends, neighborhoods, social settings, schools, and workplaces.
Therefore, we will seek to intentionally promote ministries that move someone along in this discipleship process by creating environments and opportunities where people are encouraged and equipped to
  1. cultivate and grow in a personal walk with God,
  2. experience authentic community with others of faith,
  3. discover and deploy their God-given gifts to serve the body of Christ, and
  4. effectively reach out to those around them with the good news of the gospel.
At the foundation of this focus is our belief in the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God. We believe that it is the key instrument of the Holy Spirit for promoting spiritually growing disciples and as such is our guide for all matters of faith and practice.
We look forward to partnering with you in your discipleship journey of faith!

Our Ministry Direction

We believe that the local church is the primary instrument that the Holy Spirit wants to use to engage the culture and change lives. The key way that we can accomplish this is by living transformed lives in obedience to the Word of God. Therefore, we believe it is important that our ministry be based on the teaching of the Word of God. We follow an expository pulpit ministry that desires to be relevant in style and content, that offers the Savior to the lost, but which focuses on equipping believers to grow. We seek to be creative in our worship so that people are not merely getting "content" but are being challenged to live out their faith in everyday life. Lastly, we believe that it is important not to leave one soul behind. Therefore, we seek to meet the needs (personal, social, and spiritual) of any person from the nursery on up.

Our Strengths

Brice's Creek Bible Church is a caring and loving Church committed to helping believers grow in their knowledge of and relationship to Jesus Christ, through the faithful exposition of the Word of God with the primary focus of equipping each believer in their walk and ministry to God.
Every member is encouraged to discover and use their spiritual gifts and talents in service to the body of believers within the church as well as outside the church sharing the love of Christ in tangible ways in our neighborhoods, surrounding communities, and around the world. We are a growing church that continually looks for ways that best meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of the body.
To sum up, we seek to be a loving nurturing church that welcomes people in, provides relevant ministries to build them up, and outreach opportunities to send them out to affect their world for Christ.

Our Vision for the Future

As we look to the future, there will be great opportunities to expand the work of the Kingdom of God to the local community. Central to these opportunities is allowing God to direct the development of our new church facility. We have been blessed with a 32-acre property from which God can write the next chapter of ministry outreach, particularly to the expanding neighborhoods growing up around the church. This is so exciting because our property is still on Hwy 70 (only a ½ mile from our present location) and there are several major developments that will allow for several thousand homes being built all around our property.
Already the land has allowed the expansion of ministry to include a drive-through nativity, a "Night at the Barn" and now the Easter Sunrise Drama Service. During the Nativity, we average 2,000 cars during the four days of the drive-through nativity. This has allowed us to play a significant role in influencing our culture during the Christmas Season. The "Night at the Barn" is a Fall Festival Celebration. We are now seeing over 1,200 people join us for this special outreach. Furthermore, we are using the property for our yearly Easter Sunrise Drama Service that began in 2014.
The coming years will see a progressive development of the property, bathed in prayer, to a new church campus. Our plan is to build a multipurpose educational building within the next 3 years that will contain a sanctuary of 400-500 (which will eventually be converted to a small chapel and classroom space) as well as many classrooms and a main welcome center. Next, we will build a 1,500 seat sanctuary. The third phase will be a Gym/Youth Facility. All of this strategically placed on the main thoroughfare (Hwy 70) between New Bern and Havelock. As the church facilities expand, the objective of the journey to win, build and send remains our focus for today and the future.