Community Life Groups (CLG's) for the 40 Days in the Word Campaign!!!

FOR THOSE who are watching online via our livestream Sunday service, we want to highlight an opportunity for you to experience deeper connection with our Zoom CLG - Connecting Spot (Virtually)  for the "40 Days in the Word" on Wednesdays at 7:15pm - SIGN UP for the month of January for a group using this form here, or by email, or contact Pastor Jud at 252-675-3937 or send him an  .  

All of our groups will be reconvening for the weeks of February 7th and meet up to the 1st week of May.  And we are excited for all God is going to do in our live during the 40 Days in the Word church-wide campaign from February 7th to March 20th.  

Below are the groups, along with their meeting & contact information, for you to jump into for these upcoming 40 days in God’s Word and dive deeper together through small group discussion and fellowship. Sign up by using the form at the bottom or CLICK HERE.


Mattesons - 5:30p Neuse Harbor area,  email: , by text (252) 626-7141


Elliots - 6:30pm, @ BCBC Barn, email: , cell: (774) 329-5418

Ritters - 6pm, Westbrook Mall in the Havelock area, email: , (239) 595-7283

Young Adults - 6:30pm to 8:30pm @ BCBC Barn, email: ; cell: (252) 626-6555.

Pastor Barry - 6:30pm / Location: McCarthy Court, email: , cell: (252) 635-0730


Cornwalls - 6:30pm in the Heart of Havelock / Belltown Road , email: , cells: Joe @ (252)665-2276, Denise @ (252) 422-6954 

Davenports / Kishels  - 6pm in Carolina Colours area, email: , cell: (757) 371-3459

Hutchins - 6:30pm in the Taberna area, email: , cell: (214) 316-5117

Monsmas - 6pm @ BCBC Barn, email: , cell: (909) 525-6852

Pastor Jud   - 7:15pm on Zoom, email: , cell: (252) 675-3937.


Fordhams - 6:30pm @ BCBC Barn,, cell: (252) 626-5082

Hokes  -  6pm in the Brice’s Creek area, email: , cell:  (252) 626-0875


Kim Teague - Tuesday Mornings at 9:30am in the Trent Road area

email: , cell: (252) 671-1220

Lora Lebo - Tuesdays Evenings, 6:30pm in the Brice’s Creek area

email: , cell: (252) 671-5727

Tara Howry - Wednesdays, 6:30pm, Gables Run area

email: , cell: (252) 675-9360

Val Beck - Thursdays, 6: 30pm in the Carolina Colours community

email: , cell: (252) 916-5744 

Amanda Fahey - Saturday mornings at 8am in the Carolina Colours Community

email: , text 252-670-2790


RJ  Wojtylak - Wednesdays, 7:30pm in the Bayberry Park area

email: , cell:(724) 699-1073

Mike Black - Thursdays, 6:;30pm @ BCBC Barn

email: , cell:(252) 622-0441

Robert Fudala - Friday Mornings, 10:30am @ BCBC Barn (Small Room)

Call or text: 252-571-5586

Connecting, Living, and Growing

BCBC CLG’s are designed to develop new and strengthen existing bonds through Christian fellowship.

We focus on:
  • Connecting to God and Each Other
  • Living Life Together
  • Growing in Faith and Relationships 

Simply put: Building relationships through Christian fellowship to grow our faith and reach out to our community.

Community Life Groups

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