Community Life Groups 

Every Person Growing Through CLGs - BCBC CLGs are designed to develop new and strengthen existing bonds through Christian fellowship.  CLG Mission is:
- Connecting to God and Each Other
- Loving God and Each Other
- Growing with God and with Each Other 
Simply, building relationships through Christian fellowship to grow our faith and reach out to our community.

Why is it incredibly important  to be in a CLG?  The answer is..."SO THAT"
HUH??? ...SO THAT...WWWHAT?!?!
John 17:20-21 (NASB), "I do not ask on behalf of these alone, but for those also who believe in Me through their word; that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, SO THAT the world may believe that You sent Me. 

All groups are on winter break and will be reconvening the week of February 4th and meet up through the week of April 28th.  Review & sign-up via the form at the bottom of this page.

CLG #1 – The Christ Loving Gang - The Great Disappearance

Wednesdays at 6:30pm •  BCBC - Brice’s Creek area

We enjoy rich fellowship with much love and laughter with one another, engage in selfless service to one another which fosters their family of God support system and spiritual growth in each of their lives; hence, coining their name “The Christ Loving Gang”   This group has a passion for diving into Bible study mining out God’s principles for daily life, prayer, and evangelistic opportunities.  This spring, we will be studying The Great Disappearance by Dr. David Jeremiah. This book is looking at 31 ways to be rapture ready.  Calling this “prophecy motivation,” these 31 easy-to-read short chapters will inspire you to live boldly and expectantly in today’s world.

Leaders: Harry and Linda Piner, at , 252-514-5013. Harry and Linda are long-time members of BCBC. They enjoy fellowship, time with family and traveling with the camper for getaways. 

CLG #2 –  Cornwall CLG - Loving Like Jesus 

Wednesdays or Thursdays at 6:30pm • Heart of Havelock/Cherry Point - Cornwall Home

This group focuses on strengthening bonds with fellow believers to create a support group with meaningful fellowship and a deep sense of belonging.  This season, we will be focused on the topic of loving others like Jesus does by using resources from the Gospel of Matthew in Right Now Media.  We love opportunities to serve one another and reach out to our community. We have two times for maximizing the opportunities to be inclusive with anyone that God sends our way.

Leaders: Joe and Denise Cornwall, email:  , Joe and Denise are very active in their family and in the Havelock community. They have a heart for outreach, love cooking and spending time with their grandchildren.

CLG #3 - Davenport CLG  - Grace

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - Davenport Home

This group of married's will be connecting and encouraging each other with a study by Max Lucado called Grace.  Join in on Wednesday evenings for a time to explore deeper into God's Word, build rich fellowship and serve together.  

Leader: Dave Davenport, . Dave is married to Cookie and they are enjoying their retirement by living out their faith in their sphere of influence.  They are passionate for serving with BCBC and ministering to the refugees that have escaped persecution from the Burmese government.  They enjoy traveling, church family, and fellowship activities.

CLG #4  - Fordham CLG - Galatians

Tuesdays at 6:30pm • Fordham House

This season, this group of marrieds will be diving into the book of Galatians with the Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Exchange Legalism with True Spirituality.  We’d love for you to join us in our comfy and cozy meeting environment to have fellowship, food, and great discussion to grow in God’s Word, enrich your marriage, grow closer in community with each other and engage our community together.

Leaders: John and Christine Fordham, contact at  , or 252-626-5082 (John), or 252-288-2784  (Christine). Reach out to them anytime for questions or any further details.  

CLG #5 - Hancock CLG - Daniel

Tuesdays at 6:30pm - Hancock’s Home in Cherry Branch. 

The group will be discussing the book of Daniel using the study guide by Dr. Warren Wiersbe from his Bible Study Series.  We are diverse on our varying ages that enjoy studying God's Word and learning from each other.  We are a warm and friendly group that enjoys meeting new people and sharing life together.  Join us to get to know each other more in community and encourage each other in our spiritual growth. 

Leader: Mark Hancock, email: .  Mark and his wife, Stephanie,  have been married for 12 years and  have a blended family of three adult children and two grandchildren.  They enjoy  just hanging out with friends, going out in the boat and camping.


CLG #6 – Hayzlett  CLG - The Book of Zechariah 

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - 8pm • Location: Hayzlett Home - River Bend

This group on the west end of town will be studying and discussing Zechariah using material from Warren Wiersbe’s Bible Study Series, Verse-by-Verse Ministry International (VBVMI), and other commentaries as we continue to be faithful, not frightened, in these eventful days.  Join us for fun, fellowship, food, and life-giving conversations as we grow in community.

Leaders: Paul and Sue Hayzlett, email: . Paul and Sue have been married for 48 years and enjoy traveling and life with their Great Dane. They are enjoying semi-retirement after spending several years in China.

CLG #7 – Prayer Focused CLG

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - 7:30pm • Location: Teague’s Home (Trent Woods)

Join us for a dedicated time of prayer. This group meets to pray for current events, needs of the body, BCBC families, BCBC ministries, and each other.  Further, the group enjoys fellowship in ministering to each other and serving the body..

Leader: Pastor Barry, our Senior Pastor,   - Married to Kim and they have two adult children. Their son is recently married and works with Humanities United, an organization combatting human trafficking that lobbies for legislation on Capitol Hill, and their daughter works for a nonprofit promoting organizations with their stories. Barry and Kim enjoy family activities, fitness, and enjoy their two pets.

CLG #8 - Howry CLG  / Gospel of John

Wednesdays at 7pm to 8:15pm - BCBC & Zoom Meeting Hybrid  

This group will be gathering and connecting with the study by a Messianic Jew, Rabbi Jason Sobel, Signs and Secrets of the Messiah: A Fresh Look a the Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John.  Join in with us in going through the Gospel of John while enjoying fellowship to get to know each other more.

Leader: Pastor Jud, 252-675-3937, or   Jud is married to Tara for 23 years and have 3 grown kids and the oldest now married and one off in Mongolia serving with ELIC.  They enjoy time with family, board games, movies, and fellowship activities.

CLG #9  - Women’s Group -Kitchen Table Bible Study

Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11:00 am — Teague Home (Trent Woods)

- No childcare available  

Come gather around the kitchen table on Wednesday mornings as we look into God’s Word and encourage one another. We’ll study the book of Ruth, using Mindy Ferguson’s study guide Ruth: Finding Refuge in God’s Redeeming Love. Join us as we open our hearts to the lessons God has for us in this beautiful story of redemption. Hope to see you there!

Leader: Kim Teague , email at:    Kim is married to Barry, and they have an adult daughter, son, and daughter-in-law. Kim enjoys writing and walking with Barry along with their dogs.

CLG #10 - Women’s Group - The Great Disappearance

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:30pm • Lebo Home (Brice’s Creek) 

The Tuesday night CLG is a group of ladies learning to love and trust our almighty God together! We will be going through the book and video series, The Great Disappearance by David Jeremiah.  This series focuses on being rapture ready.  Come and join our close-knit group of ladies seeking to grow closer to our wonderful Savior as we love and support one another.

Leader: Lora Lebo . Lora has been married to Marty for 35 years. They share 3 adult sons and now all married!  Lora loves to spend time with friends doing God’s work together. She is also an avid reader and enjoys taking long walks.

CLG #11 - Women’s Group - Daniel

Wednesdays at 6:30pm - Prutch Home  (Gables Run)

This CLG comprised of ladies will be connecting by studying the book of Daniel using the study guide by Warren Wiersbe.  Join us Wednesday evenings for a time to explore deeper into God's Word, immersing ourselves in the study of God and His incredible attributes and be an encouragement to each other through fellowship and serving together. 

Leader: Jen Prutch, (252) 772-3754,  . Jen is married to Henry and have been married for 25  years and have 4 grown kids: three oldest are married (giving them 11 grandkids) and their youngest is attending college. She enjoys time with family, gardening and fellowship activities.

CLG #12 - Women’s Group - Daniel

Thursday afternoons / BCBC & on ZOOM  / 3pm - 4:30pm  

This CLG will be studying the book of Daniel using the study guide by Warren Wiersbe with his Bible Study Series.  Join us for encouragement in gleaning godly principles for your witness, worship, walk and work in our daily lives while supporting one another through life’s challenges and celebrations. 

Leader:  Valerie Beck ( , 252-649-8689).  Val has been married to Larry Beck for 25 years.  They enjoy road trips to visit family and friends, and being home to enjoy their dogs and retirement life..

NEW CLG #13 - Authentic Manhood

Tuesdays, 6:30-8pm — Fahey Home (Taberna)  

Come gather together as we look into our lives to identify idols that are keeping us from reaching our full potential. We will utilize the The 33 Series: Authentic Manhood, Volume #3 to guide us in identifying these idols, rooting out why we allowed them to come into our lives, and making the necessary changes to eliminate them.

Leader: Jonathan Fahey , email at:   Jonathan is married to Amanda, and they have three sons ranging from ten to sixteen years in age. They enjoy watching movies, playing and attending sports and fellowship with other families in the BCBC body.


Group #14 - Young Adults (ages 18-25) - The Well

Tuesdays at 7pm - BCBC Barn & Various Places 

This is an ongoing Christian community group for young adults with Brice’s Creek Bible Church. The Well is a peer led group under the leadership of Pastor Phil and the young adult intern, Nate Prutch. They gather weekly to seek God together and to live out our identity in Christ with intentionality and passion. Furthermore, the group enjoys many fellowship opportunities investing in community and outreach.  Contact info as follows:

-Pastor Phil, email: ;, cell: (252) 626-6555; 

-Nate Prutch, email: , cell (252) 772-1695

Group #15 - Careerists and Young Married Adults (ages 22 - 40 Something) - The River

Thursdays at 7pm - Puz’s Home (Carolina Colours).  The River is an ongoing group for the purpose of: 1) WINNING - foster connecting points within BCBC through small group involvement for age demographics of 25 to 40 Something.; 2) BUILDING - offers life application with material called “Bible Studies for Life” which better resonates with this age group at their place in life; 3) SENDING - to be ever mindful with strategic outreach opportunities that incorporate fellowship and special events with the aim of reaching out to others in this age group with the message of God’s love.   

Get involved by contacting Larry and Jackie Puz at (252) 626-6798,


Connecting, Loving, and Growing

BCBC CLGs are designed to develop new and strengthen existing bonds through Christian fellowship.
We focus on:
  • Connecting to God and Each Other
  • Loving God and Each Other
  • Growing with God and with Each Other 

Simply put: Building relationships through Christian fellowship to grow our faith and reach out to our community.

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Our heartfelt desire for this conference: 

BCBC is committed to lovingly helping individuals, families and the community around us understand the gender issue as evidenced both in science and the Bible.  We are offering the CREATED TO BE CONFERENCE with that in mind.  We have brought in some of the most qualified voices on this topic in America today: Dr. Jay Richards and Chloe Cole.

Check out link below & stay tuned for more details coming January 2024.

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